How Can You Submit to
The Loveshade Family
Do you have an original or public domain essay, story, poem, opinion piece, photo or other artwork
you think would fit some part of our site?  Then let us know!

You might first want to read
Five Basic Beliefs at to get an idea about our
personist/personism perspective, but this isn't strictly necessary.

Here's areas that will accept submissions:

The Loveshade Family Blog

We're always open to people submitting comments and opinions on any of our entries.  After
checking out
Read Before Posting (link below), just type in a user name, type your comment and
submit!  Occasionally, we'll accept a blog entry from someone we know well, but only someone we
know well unless it really, really clicks with us.  If interested in doing either one of these, see and our blog at

Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild

Currently Reverend Loveshade and friends are only looking for artwork (including photos) for the
in-development book
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht.  But we are looking for
a wide variety of Discordian and/or Ek-sen-trik stuff for the site.  For details see
Stuff we're
looking for right now
at and How to Submit at  Read both of these first--buf if you don't, at least read
How to Submit or we'll likely never see your submission.

Lorien Loveshade

Lorien is currently looking for people's experiences in Wicca or in nudism.  Please, real-life
submssions only!  Lorien has no specific guidelines, but please write a heading that doesn't look
anything like spam (putting the word "diary" in your heading is a good one to try.)  You can find
Lorien's email address at

Alden Loveshade

Alden isn't currently looking for material, but would love to hear from old friends and former
co-workers.  If you know Alden, feel free to send email to the address listed at

Eldwin Nightowl

Eldwin is currently looking for accounts of people's experiences in Gallavally (Hemet/San
Jacinto/Banning areas) from before Gallavally began to the early 1990s.  (Gallavally is a canton in
the Kingdom of Caid according to the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA.  If you don't know
what this is, you likely weren't there).

Eldwin is also looking for personal accounts of the SCA's TFYC (Twenty-Fifth Year Anniversary) in
Texas in 1991.  This includes anything at all related to the End of the Known Worlde Gypsy Camp
(if you went to a revel/party at TFYC that ran past midnight, this is where you were).

Eldwin would also love to hear from anyone involved with Middlefaire in the Hillsboro, Texas area,
whether as a participant or visitor.

Eldwin's email address is at


We can use free game source material, especially for GURPS but also for other games.

The Games email address is at

The Loveshade
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